Camilla testimonial | Start Living Your Way by Joanna Echols
In just one session with Joanna, I gained more clarity on my true purpose than I had in 30 years! Joanna’s passion for supporting women in finding their passion is undeniable. Her warm personality and heart-based approach makes you feel safe and supported in going to new levels in life. If you get a chance to work with her - take it!
— Camilla Carboni, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.
Samara testimonial | Start Living Your Way by Joanna Echols
During my first coaching call with Joanna, I was able to get immense clarity on my goals. She offers a unique perspective on moving through mindset blocks that allows you to up-level your life in a meaningful way. If you’re looking for a coach who walks her talk then I highly recommend working with Joanna.
— Samara Eidelman, South Africa
Lisa testimonial | Start Living Your Way by Joanna Echols
Working with Joanna was refreshing and very insightful experience. Joanna eases you into an introspective coaching session, while reassuring you that you can achieve results. Her motivational, interactive dialogue helped me achieve clarity and better define my business goals.
— Lisa M. Newell, Mississippi, U.S.A.
Gillian testimonial | Start Living Your Way by Joanna Echols
I was looking to overcome some blocks I had come up against in progressing my business and mindset.  Joanna is so friendly, warm and encouraging.  She really helped me see things in a more positive light and understand how to move forward.
She made me feel so confident and reconfirmed that I already had everything within me that I needed to realise my dreams. I was inspired to truly connect with my vision again.  Joanna is such a great listener and picked up on language I was using that may be holding me back from getting to where I want. She gave me helpful easy tools and homework to work on that were so effective.

I really felt like Joanna was part of my cheering squad and believed in my success so much – she was so genuine and caring.  I highly recommend working with Joanna to help you move past limiting self-beliefs and blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your dreams in life and business
— Gillian Kennedy, Barcelona, Spain
Susanna testimonial | Start Living Your Way by Joanna Echols
It’s been a pleasure working with Joanna! Her dedication to pursuing her dream was an inspiration to me! Her unique journey & compassionate leadership is so empowering for other corporate women (and those who also happen to rock it as doting mommas!) I highly recommend signing up asap to work with Joanna to kickstart your success!!
— Susanna Esther, Minnesota, USA